...Ramblings from a Librarian...(#8)

There has been a lot of talk about the casting decision for Katniss by movie producers of the upcoming Hunger Games movie. If you haven’t already seen who has been chosen to play Katniss, click HERE. After talking with a number of teens, it seems that some really LOVE books being turned into movies. Yet, there are also quite a few teens that are never fully satisfied with the movie version. Of course, this isn’t necessarily just a teen thing, because I hear adults saying the same things. Some adults love the movie remake and some adults hate them.

When it comes to my opinion, I must say that I am never fully satisfied with the movie version. When I read a book, I imagine the characters in my head and then when I see the actors/actresses portraying the characters, they never turn out how I imagined them to be. I understand that making the “perfect” movie adaptation will never happen because everyone visualizes the book and characters in a different way. Another thing that really bugs me about the movie versions is how much information from the book tends to not be included in the film. What’s worse is when a critical aspect of the plot and/or ending is changed. I understand authors make money from having their book turned into a movie, but man…it would break my heart if the “heart” of my novel was completely changed in the movie.

So that’s my two cents for the day. How do you all feel about books being made into movies? Are there any movies made from books that you think actually did the book justice? Are there any movies made from books that you think the movie was horribly done?


  1. I think the movies just ruin the books sometimes. and I hate how the movie previews don't always say "based on the novel by _____" because then you have people go "OH I WANT TO SEE THAT!" and you're like "Its based on a book" and theyre like "it is?" that doesn't seem like its given much props to the author. I think I am number four was pretty good based off the book going into a movie. but that one I hated was beastly by alex flinn. I love alex pettyfer but Kyle Kingsberry was suppose to be hairy, not weird looking, even though the effect did look cool.

  2. I thought that exact same thing about Beastly when I saw the previews! It was frustrating how much the movie can change the book.


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