Jump the Cracks by Stacy DeKeyser

Summary: On the way to visit her father in New York City, fifteen-year-old Victoria fins an apparently abused child in the train’s bathroom and soon finds herself branded a kidnapper and on the run while trying to fulfill her promise to protect the boy at all costs.

Jump the Cracks is one of those books that have readers on a number of different levels while on a journey with the main character. Readers are first introduced to Victoria while learning about the emotions that flood through her when dealing with her parents’ divorce. Initially readers may assume that this story is just going to be about Victoria’s feelings, but the plot quickly begins to turn as Victoria decides to take a little boy who has been abandoned. Rather than including a straight forward plot, Jump the Cracks allows readers to feel Victoria’s personal emotions while being on a roller coaster type journey wondering just what the consequences will be for Victoria.

Victoria’s dilemma on whether or not to take the abandoned little boy with her instantly makes me think of one of those reality television shows, such as “What Would You Do?” that consists of viewers watching whether or not outsiders will take action against an emotionally charged dilemma given. Will the innocent bystander help or will they just sit back and watch, not showing any concern?

Although certain plot points are a little hard to believe, including just how far Victoria is able to escape with the little boy without getting caught, readers will enjoy being able to experience Victoria’s journey of not only healing emotionally, but trying to connect the little boy with where he needs to go. Filled with criminal action, ransom, suspense, and more, this is one book that readers will want to finish.

I “liked” this book and would give it 3 out of 5 stars.

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